Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 2, September 2019, Pages 1-51 
Cardiac arrhythmias in non-cardiac critically ill patients

Pages 1-7

Ghada Naguib; Khalied Elkhashab; Sherif Zaky; Osama Momtaz

Serum level of Interleukin 29 in verruca vulgaris: Case control study

Pages 32-35

wahid lotfi; TA Abdelraheem; SM El-Tahlawi; OG Shaker; MH Mohamed; MA Amer; N Farouk

Fayoum Experience in Ultrasonographic Evaluation of DPLD

Pages 36-46

Sherif A. El-Fatah; Radwa El-Hefny; Randa Ahmed; Doaa A. El-Tawab

The relationship between the size of the seminal vesicles with premature ejaculation

Pages 47-51

Talal Abd-ElRaheem; Noha Mohamed; Ahmed Samak; Mostafa Samir