Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 1, March 2019, Pages 1-88 

Pages 1-8

Manal ELhawary; ELkassem Elgameel; Sayed Amin; Marwa Maddboly

Pediatric Phenylketonuria in Fayoum Governorate (Retrospective study)

Pages 9-16

EssaamEldeen Gad Elrab; Ashraf Kamel; Mohamed Masoud; Fatma Abdeltwab

Topical Calcipotriol versus oral vitamin D in the treatment of alopecia areata

Pages 47-58

talal Abd-ElRaheem; Basma Mohammed; Hassan El-Sayed; Sara Ahmed

Correlation between Neonatal Sepsis and Red Blood Cell Distribution Width (RDW)

Pages 71-78

Mohammed Sherif Salim; Ahmed Mahmoud Abdelmoktader; Rehab Galal Abd El-Hamid; Mohammed Mansour Abbas

Neurodevelopmental Outcome in Children with Down Syndrome

Pages 79-88

Mira Beshay; Hadeer Abdel Ghaffar; Heba El-Awady